Rent the right holiday accomodation

Leave everything behind, relieve your mind of its worries and book a holiday house or appartment in the destination of your dreams!


Summer holiday

Make your holiday a time to remember

Never underestimate the benefits of a time away from everyday’s hustle and routine, going on a vacation from time to time is a must!

Holiday rental

Looking for a home by the sea or a comfortable holiday apartment abroad for the summer or any time of the year?
Various options are available to you, surfing through websites dedicated to both holiday and everyday rentals which actually might be the simplest choice. There has never been a shortage of such websites, one that sets an example is our website specialized in holiday’s preparation.

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Travel and enjoy your holiday

Taking a time off may be the perfect opportunity to recover from an exhausting year of work and rediscover yourself.

how to go on a summer holiday ?

Need some inspiration for your holidays this summer ? We can suggest you different enjoyable destinations.

Seize the chance and travel

Seize the chance and travel!

It’s the holidays ! The perfect opportunity to hunt fatigue, escape routine and invigorate yourself !

Staying at the Washington Square Hotel New York

In Manhattan tourism is breaking records so many hotels are very expensive in comparison with other cities.

If you stay in a middle class hotel in the price range of 300-500 dollar (normal price in NY) you don’t have breakfast included. But in the reasonable priced Washington Square breakfast is included and comes with real orange juice, coffee or tea, …

Summer vacation, time eagerly awaited by many

Summer holidays are a time eagerly awaited by many. Indeed, it is often the period when we do things we’ve been planning for a year or even more, things we haven’t had enough time to do. This is also the time to relax and rest with usually a huge change of scenery for the sake of escaping daily routine. It is very important to go on a vacation now and then. Some people think they can’t afford to miss work. Perfect summer destination on

The USA, a major holiday destination

Superlatives that describe the United States are many. Obviously, this is the most powerful country of the world on economic, industrial and military levels we’re talking about, but the appeal of the USA is not only due to that, it’s also one of the world’s major cultural centers particularly thanks to the creativity of its artists, the reputation of its intellectuals and its wealth in terms of museums and cultural institutions, more on

summer holiday
summer holiday