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choose a hotel in the city centre

Vacation in Paris : choose a hotel in the city centre

Finding a charming location for a vacation in France can be at times tricky since there is a lot to choose from such as the hotel-arcade, to know more about this resort, visit However, all this can be as simple as child’s…

visiter Paris

Que visiter dans le 8e arrondissement à Paris ?

C’est toujours un plaisir de faire des activités dans la plus belle ville du monde, Paris. Avec ses nombreux centres touristiques et musées, ce ne sont pas les lieux à visiter qui manquent. Au nombre de ces endroits, le 8e arrondissement….

Golf Links and Enjoy

Be a Member in Old Head Golf Links and Enjoy

Have you ever imagined playing golf in an unusual place? Have you ever wanted to play golf in a place full of beauty? If you do, then you should consider playing golf in Old Head Golf Links. This golf course…