Holiday activities

choose a hotel in the city centre

Vacation in Paris : choose a hotel in the city centre

Finding a charming location for a vacation in France can be at times tricky since there is a lot to choose from such as the hotel-arcade, to know more about this resort, visit However, all this can be as simple as child’s…

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car rental online

Book your car rental online for a holiday in London

With a car rental in London from Drivy, UK, you can drive yourself to the hotel and to many major tourist sites such as Tower Bridge rather than having to depend on public transportation. In addition to that, you can…

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holiday house

How to book your holiday house or apartement in Cambridge

Whether you are planning to attend the largest music gatherings, the city’s folk festival, as part of your holiday fun or you’re looking to get a thriving dish to be re-imagining British classic. Then you probably have to get an…

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visiter Paris

Que visiter dans le 8e arrondissement à Paris ?

C’est toujours un plaisir de faire des activités dans la plus belle ville du monde, Paris. Avec ses nombreux centres touristiques et musées, ce ne sont pas les lieux à visiter qui manquent. Au nombre de ces endroits, le 8e arrondissement….

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Square Attractions

Visiting Five Of The Most Interesting Times Square Attractions

Times Square Attractions : Visiting Five Of The Most Interesting New York City is home to more than eight million people in 2012. It has also been declared as the most populous city in the entire US. Being in NYC, one…

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Experiencing Four of The Most Exciting Things

Experiencing Four of The Most Exciting Things To Do In Times Square

Things To Do In Times Square Whenever you are in New York, a place that you can never resist to visit is Times Square. It is where you will be able to experience urban life at its best. Always crowded…

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Plaza Hotel In New York

Spending A Romantic Weekend At The Milford Plaza Hotel In New York

The Milford Plaza Hotel In New York For The Weekend  Are you looking for a place where you and your romantic partner can spend your holiday vacation at? What else would make you feel better than being in New York…

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Golf Links and Enjoy

Be a Member in Old Head Golf Links and Enjoy

Have you ever imagined playing golf in an unusual place? Have you ever wanted to play golf in a place full of beauty? If you do, then you should consider playing golf in Old Head Golf Links. This golf course…

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Mixing Golf and Relaxation

Enniscrone Golf Club: Perfectly Mixing Golf and Relaxation

Imagine a place where you can play golf and at the same time take a look at the scenery and feel relaxed. Besides, golfing should be played with maximum concentration in order to focus well on your shots, you should…

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Fine Irish Golf

Lahinch Golf Club: Over a Century of Fine Irish Golf

Scottish soldiers of the Black Watch Regiment knew at once that they found a treasure trove in the wide rolling dunes land in the Southwest of Ireland, just approximately 2 miles from the stunning Cliffs of Moher, in 1892 and…

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