Essential Things To Do In Cascais, Portugal

Cascais is a major resort located in Portugal with 3 good beaches along it. The place is commercialized but despite that, it is still not too big or difficult to tour around and it has a younger as well as less exclusive ambiance than that of Estoril. The place also has remnants of the existence of fishing villages before. You can as well do a lot of things while you’ll be in Cascais and these will be discussed below.

You can visit Boca do Inferno otherwise known as Hell’s Mouth which is a coastal rock formation with a small sea lake in the inner portion. The seawater is dependent on currents as well as winds plus the caves which are naturally formed can be explored.

Take a visit to the Praia da Rainha otherwise known as the Queen’s beach which is located at the end of Rua Misericordia which is a small bay with sandy beach. The area is popular for family bathing with life guard patrols during the summer season. Children can enjoy on scrambling over or rock pooling. There are also cafes, bars and restaurants where you can dine at.

You can also opt to walk next to the beach and see people living there in a normal life. You can witness a lot of people catching shellfish at the water line, while some are swimming or sun bathing at their beautiful beaches.

Visit as well a small chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It is located near the Conceicao beach. Most of the chapels and churches within the area aren’t identified much in the maps. While near the chapel, visit as well a large beach called Praia da Conceicao. Beach umbrellas are abundant there to giving shading to their visitors. Lifeguards are as well on duty with nearby stalls or kiosk selling drinks and ices.

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