Choose the right hotel for a stay in Paris

hotel for a stay in Paris

Published on : 17 May 20193 min reading time

Paris is a global tourist attraction. It, therefore, has no dearth of hotels. In fact, there are above 1500 hotels in the city, which means you’ll never run out of options. However, not hotels are built the same and you should know which ones to consider and which ones to leave out. If you are new to Paris, narrowing down your choices could be difficult. The following tips or suggestions shall help you zero in on the right hotel for your budget and requirements. If you don’t want to go through the drill and want an immediate hotel suggestion, click here.

Check Star Ratings

France has a star rating setup that rates almost all hotels in the country. If you are checking out a hotel in Paris online, the rating would help you ascertain if it’s worth your consideration. The rating is in the 1-5-star range, with 1 star being least desirable and 5 stars meaning the hotel is absolutely worth it. The rating is arrived at based on multiple factors, such as room size, bathrooms, reception area, number of languages the staff speak, etc. If a 5-star hotel is exceptional, it would get an additional ‘palace’ designation honour. Always look for hotels with 4 stars or more.

Know the Check-in Hours

Generally, hotels in Paris start check-ins during the afternoon, typically close to 3 pm. This lets their staff to clean the space and have the rooms ready for new occupants. So, try to land in Paris in the afternoon. If you happen to come earlier and you find no rooms for accommodation, you may leave your bags in the side room of a hotel and come back when you may occupy the rooms.

Go with Higher Floors

If your hotel is situated in a busy area with streets nearby, it’s recommended you go with rooms located on the higher floors. This should cut down the external noise that enters your room and you can also have a great view of the neighbourhood. At the time of reservation, make your floor preference known. Don’t leave it to the end because it could be a bit too late then.

Consider Hotel Age

A lot of currently functional hotels in Paris were built in the 20th century. Most were built before lifts happened, and they didn’t have private bathrooms too. Fortunately, a majority of these hotels have been reconstructed, with private baths being added to rooms that didn’t have one originally. Unfortunately, this could mean smaller room space. Also, the lifts could be ultra-compact, with some having space for only one individual. If space is a concern, make sure you go with more modern hotels or old establishments that have been adequately renovated, such as the Bedford hotel.

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