Drop your bags in a luggage storage and enjoy your vacation in New York

luggage storage

Going to New York is the trip of a lifetime. You're no doubt planning to see and do it all, which means bringing plenty of clothing and toiletries along with you. But who wants to carry all of their stuff everywhere they go? Instead of those bags weighing you down and keeping you from truly enjoying everything that the Big Apple has to offer, why not try New York luggage storage? Click here to find out more about this handy service that watches your luggage for you while you see a show on Broadway, enjoy a fancy dinner in Times Square or do some souvenir shopping. Keep reading to find out more.

What is Luggage Storage?

Luggage storage in New York is a service that allows you to safely stow your bags while you enjoy the city in a place where it's safe and secure until you're ready to pick it up. It's an easy way to protect your belongings without having the hassle of keeping track of them everywhere you go. There are lots of places to do this scattered throughout the city and it's very simple to find a place for your luggage.

How Does it Work?

You can book a luggage storage reservation online through many sites or you can use an app to secure a location. Once you have chosen a place to store your luggage, simply arrive at that location and hand your luggage to the "nanny" or stow it safely in the locker or container that you've decided to use. Now you're free to see the sights, enjoy cosy meals in tiny restaurants and move about the city without having a bunch of bags and suitcases slowing you down and getting in the way. When you're ready for your luggage, return to your drop off location and pick it up. It's as easy as that!

Benefits of Using Luggage Storage

As you've probably figured out, one of the top benefits of using luggage storage in New York is that you won't be weighed down with bags and suitcases while you enjoy everything the city has to offer. It's especially helpful if you've arrived at the train station or airport and there are several hours before you can check into your hotel. Instead of having to sit and wait it out, you can have your baggage looked after by a trusted "nanny" and you can begin your vacation without worrying about it. You're free to have a cup of coffee in a crowded shop, go in and out of all the best stores and travel around unencumbered by loads of personal possessions. Another great thing about New York luggage storage is that it is very affordable, and your items are generally insured up to a certain amount so that if something happens, you can replace lost items at no cost to you. You can choose to store your baggage for an hour or two, or for an entire day and even for more than one day if you need it. You'll have the peace of mind you need to truly enjoy your vacation without the struggle of towing your luggage with you as you go.

What Can Be Stored in Luggage Storage?

There are many options when you use a luggage storage locker or "nanny." You can safely stow your clothing, toiletries, shoes and other such items in luggage storage. You may also want to store a motorcycle helmet and other similar things that you don't need to carry around everywhere you go. While there's plenty you can keep in luggage storage, there are some items that you shouldn't stow. That includes cash, food and other perishable items, living plants or animals, anything flammable or toxic or anything radioactive. You also cannot store weapons or ammunition or anything that's illegal in New York. A clear report of what you're storing ensures that you're covered by insurance should anything be lost, stolen or damaged before you are able to pick it up.

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