Getting To Know And Dining In The 5 Best Restaurants In Time Square

Restaurants In Time Square

The 5 Best Restaurants In Time Square

If there is one place in the US where you should try to do food trips, you should let the restaurants in Times Square take part in it. It is that one food haven where you will never run out of great places to purchase different types of meals and dishes from. From Asian cuisines to the simplest American meals – Times Square is one of the most ideal places to find local restaurants at. Now, to narrow down your choices, here are five of the best restaurants in the famous Times Square that you should never fail to visit.

Shake Shack

Who does not want cheap food, right? Those are the things that you will get from the famous Shake Shack. Always crowded with people who are looking for some nice American meal or snack, this is where you will get inexpensive grilled hot dogs, fries, burgers and so much more. Whether you are bringing cash or just restaurant coupons from your friends, you should never forget to drop by Shake Shack.

John’s Pizzeria

Everybody loves a nice, cheesy, greasy and juicy pan of pizza and that is what you will get from John’s Pizzeria, one of the most popular restaurants in Times Square. The price range of the food they serve may not be as affordable as what others have, but one thing is for sure: You will enjoy every single bit of every dish that they serve. From sandwiches to their classic pizza recipes – every day is a tummy feast at John’s Pizzeria.


Start begging for Becco restaurant vouchers now because you will definitely need them. Aside from its owner from PBS, another reason why people visit it is because of the Italian food that they serve. Each pasta dish that they offer is just irresistible. Also, this 8thAvenue star will definitely leave you full for one whole day because of their huge servings.

Edison Café

One of the best restaurants in Times Square, too, that you should visit is Edison Café. From $5 to $10, your small budget will go very far if you are going to dine in here. They have some of the best pancakes and breakfast meals in the area that will unquestionably satisfy all of your cravings. Also, if you want a place where you can just stay for one whole day, Edison Café must be it.


Finally, if your tongue is looking for some tasty and tangy Indian food, Benares should be your destination. Among other restaurants in Times Square, it is one of the most interesting ones. However, you should see to it that you bring enough money for you to enjoy before you run out of cash to spend.

Indeed, Times Square can be your ultimate food hub. From the cheapest to the most expensive ones – no matter how big or small your budget may be, it will never be too hard for you to find restaurants in Times Square where the money you have allotted will fit in.

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