Having A Cozy Stay At the Washington Square Hotel New York

Square Hotel New York

Washington Square Hotel New York

There are so many reasons why people go to New York City. There are people who go there for business trips. Others visit NYC to be with their families while others go there to visit the different tourist attractions that it has to offer. On the other hand, no matter what your purpose may be in flying to NYC, you should be able to find New York hotels that can take care of your accommodation needs. Washington Square Hotel New York is a popular choice among hotel bookers and here are reasons as to why this is so.

The Rates

The Washington Square Hotel New York is a hotel that can give you accommodation rates that are much cheaper than what other hotels can give you. Well, it may not give you the cheapest rates in the city, but it will surely give you the best out of the amount that you will be spending. By visiting website and seeking for the assistance of travel agencies, you may also be able to get hotel discount codes for this great hotel.

The Location

Another reason why a lot of backpackers and tourists choose Washington Square Hotel New York is because of its location. It gives you easier access to some of the best tourist spots in NYC. It is also very close to the prestigious New York University or NYU. It is located near some of the most interesting bars and food places in the area, as well. And just by taking a walk effortlessly, you may already reach some of the most-visited attractions in the city.

The Services

Staying in Washington Square New York, you will be able to get top quality services and facilities. They have a very cozy restaurant and lounge where you can spend your time at if you do not feel like going out. They have a fitness room, too, where you can work out whenever you want to. Their rooms are all products of great architecture and the furnishings are all top class.

The NYC Vibe

Staying in this hotel and in other nearby all inclusive hotels in New York City, you will definitely get the real NYC vibe. From the classy side of NYC to this city’s urban image – you will be able to explore NYC at its finest. Also, just a 10-minute drive from the hotel is the famous Times Square where you will get to know more of New York City.

Choosing the hotel where you should live in when you are in New York is really important. You will be flooded with so many options and if you do not know how to choose well, you will just end up losing a lot of money. Fortunately, Washington Square Hotel New York can be your good choice. Other choices may all appear high-class and well-organized to you if you will just look at their pictures. But, if you will not take the time to research on each hotel, you can never be too sure about getting the quality of service that you are aiming to experience.

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