Book your car rental online for a holiday in London

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With a car rental in London from Drivy, UK, you can drive yourself to the hotel and to many major tourist sites such as Tower Bridge rather than having to depend on public transportation. In addition to that, you can tour many places outside UK’s capital city. If you are planning a visit to London for your holiday, you can book the car online in advance at, and then collect it when you get to the town.

How to Rent Cars in London

For a London car hire, you will need to have some items such as a credit card, driver’s license, passport among others. You need to gather all the details pertinent to your private car hire in London service. Writing down the details in one place can help, and don’t forget to include where you’ll collect and drop off the vehicle, what dates you want the vehicle, the car size you need, and your budget for the car rental. Shop around for the best car rental company depending on your pick-up location. Look for great deals, and then book a car rental online on the website of the company you have chosen. Be ready to give out information about where you want to pick up the car and drop it off, what time you want to use the car, the car size you need, and your budget. When you arrive, give your name and confirmation details to the company’s agent to pick your vehicle.


When you choose a London car hire, it is usually less costly to drop off the vehicle at the pickup site than it is to drop it off at a different location. Moreover, you need to remember that in England you drive on the left side of the road and the parking spots in London are very limited. It may be less stressful to opt for a private car hire London service for short stays in the city. Also ensure that you are permitted to drive a car in England prior to renting a car. You need to have a valid driving license from your country of origin before you arrive. You’re permitted to drive up to 1 year from the day you arrive with a license from your country of origin.

Professional Peer to Peer Car Rental in London

Drivy UK is a professional peer to peer car rental UK company that provides cars for hire in the vibrant city of London. No subscription is necessary; you can book a car and access it any time of day with your smartphone. From our peer to peer car rental London service you can rent a private car for a few hours or several days. Drivy UK is like an Airbnb for cars, allowing people to rent out their cars when they are not using it. You can depend on peer to peer car rental UK services as we always ensure that the cars we put up for hire are of high quality. Using a peer to peer car rental London company like us during your next holiday in the city can greatly work to your benefit.

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