Vacation in Paris : choose a hotel in the city centre

choose a hotel in the city centre

Finding a charming location for a vacation in France can be at times tricky since there is a lot to choose from such as the hotel-arcade, to know more about this resort, visit However, all this can be as simple as child’s play if you consider the following locations and spend some time with your family.


Bedford is a beautiful boutique guesthouse that you wouldn’t want to miss out on your vacation in Paris. This family vacation spot is on a charming location since it is only a few minutes walk from the infamous Pinacothèque art gallery. Furthermore, they are just next to Madeleine metro station and a few kilometers from the Théâtre Marigny. Also, Bedford is known to pay attention to the comfort of its guests, making it rank as a top notch. The furniture within the guesthouse is not only luxurious but also one in a million. Most floors of the guesthouse are fit with private rooms and apartments have a superb balcony that enables you to have an overlook of Paris.

Saint James Paris Hotel

Next of notice is the 100-year-old Saint James Paris that has a private garden. The garden offers a unique experience of extravagance and classism. Saint James has a gourmet restaurant with highly skilled chefs. In addition, Saint James Paris is a place to check if you are looking to romance your spouse or if you are into historical scenes. The guesthouse also offers excellent room service and other services like a fitness centre, spa, and a mini bar, Lounge. In case you have your vehicle, then you shouldn’t worry since Saint James Paris has a spacious free parking space. Lastly, Saint James is known for its excellent service and high standards of cleanliness.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make Reservations?

Reservations for any free room can be made either online or when you avail yourself at the hotel and make a booking. However, it's advisable that you make reservations before your vacation since less stress is guaranteed. Furthermore, reservations are easier since all the information you need about most hotels is available online.

How Do You Pick A Vacation Spot?

Most families end up stranded at the airport because they never picked a vacation spot in time. To do this, you ought to know what you would like to do in Paris. Also, you can either decide to spend at a hotel or either a private house next to your vacation spot. As a result, you will be able to cut transport costs to and fro from your vacation spot and private house. Check out with the following hotels to have a splendid vacation while in Paris. The above hotels should surely make your time in Paris not only memorable but also worthwhile.

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