Experiencing Four of The Most Exciting Things To Do In Times Square

Experiencing Four of The Most Exciting Things

Things To Do In Times Square

Whenever you are in New York, a place that you can never resist to visit is Times Square. It is where you will be able to experience urban life at its best. Always crowded with countless people, it is full of establishments that can make your Times Square experience more unforgettable. Now, if you still haven’t decided on what to write on your list of things to do in Times Square on your first or next visit, here are some ideas that can help you get started.

Enjoy being scared

In Times Square, Halloween is not only celebrated in late October or early November. One of the most popular New York Times Square attractions is Times Scare. It is a smart combination of bars, food places and of course, of a haunted house that will bring you horror all-year round. No matter what the time of the year may be, as long as you are in Times Square and you happen to drop by this place, you will always feel the Halloween spirit. Indeed, entering this place is one of the most fun things to do in Times Square.

Go on a food trip

There are countless restaurants in Times Square and once you feel hungry, there are always food places that will be ready to offer their menu to you. No matter where you may be in Times Square, restaurants will never be out of your sight. Some of the best restaurants in the area are Shake Shack, Kodama, Sushi of Gari and Carmine’s. Also, whatever type of food you may be looking for, being in Times Square will give you the guarantee that your cravings will be satisfied.

Drink the NYC way

Another activity that you should include in your list of things to do in Times Square is to drink the NYC way. The night life in Times Square is something that you should never miss to experience. Jimmy’s Corner, Beer Authority, Rum House and The New York Beer Company are just some of the best bars that you can visit.

Experience the NYC vibe

Finally, if you are looking for things to do in Times Square, walking around its streets at night is one of the best things for you to do. It may not be as specific as the other suggested things to do in Times Square earlier, but this is an activity that will make you feel the real NYC vibe, especially with the neon lights and the crowd of people that will surround you.

Indeed, being in New York City will never be complete if you will not take a day or two to visit and enjoy the best things to do in Times Square. It is that one place in NYC that will make you feel that you really are in the said city and if you know how to enjoy, you will undeniably have a great time in this place no matter what you choose to do and no matter what place you pick go to.

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